Battery Operated Led String Lights – Safety

led string lightsHow Safe Are They Really?

Those super bright LED “fairy” lights are growing in popularity for people who want to decorate their home or yard with beautiful accent lighting. These are the string lights with the tiny “rice” size bulbs. You can buy these string lights with either an electrical plug or battery powered. The battery powered LED string lights are much safer to use in your home than the electrical version.

Many people wonder about their overall safety. Since they are so bright do you have to be careful where or how you use them? What about the electrical (plug-in) versions versus the battery operated ones?

The key point with these led string lights is that they do not generate heat like incandescent bulbs do. They give off super bright light but virtually no heat. What does that mean from a safety standpoint?

It means there is absolutely no fear of overheating or fire. And it means that you can use these string lights anywhere and able to decorate almost anything.

The bulbs are small and fastened to the wire. They do not unscrew. Therefor they are safe around children and can be use in a nursery or child’s bedrooms. The only concern with children is they can get tangled in the wire. Strings come in varying lengths from 3′ up to 50′ or more.

The only minor concern is the battery box. It is a small plastic box that holds 3 AA type batteries. You need to keep it from getting wet. The light strings are water proof (not the battery box) so they can be immersed in water – such as a fish tank, a crystal centerpiece bowl filled with water.

The LED battery-powered string lights guarantee absolute piece-of- mind for the simple reason that they do not heat up even when continuously left on. The tiny “rice” sized bulbs give off high intensity light and virtually no heat. So they can be used safely with delicate lace or sheer cotton gauze curtains, tablecloths, or any other fabrics.

These battery operated led light strings have an on/off switch on the batter box. No worries even if the light string is left on all night. It is suggested that the light string be turned off when not in use to extend battery life.

Be safe and use the battery operated LED string lights.

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