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Wedding Trends For 2017 – Insights From Top Event Planners

Insights From Eight Top Event Planners It is always fun to look ahead to anticipate what will happen in the coming year especially for weddings.  An insightful Vogue article written by Madeleine Luckel (January 22, 2017) give us what could be expected in the way of trends for 2017 weddings. Eight top wedding planners were asked what their predictions are for 2017 trends. Not clear on the ...

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Wedding Planners – Step Up Your Creativity

Some Quick Wedding Industry Stats Welcome another new year -  2017. The wedding industry is huge by definition of overall dollars spent by couples marrying; $51 billion dollars according to Bloomberg. Previous years have seen up to 2.2 million weddings* take place in the United States. Of those 2.2 million couples planning to marry, 26% have chosen to employ a professional wedding planner. ...

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Wedding Planners – Step Up Your Creativity With Beautiful Pure White LED String Lights

Your Wedding Reception Comes to Life with Bright LED String Lights! We are talking about the battery operated string lights - either pure white or warm white. They are lightweight, easy to work with and can be placed virtually anywhere; eliminating electrical cords, power strips, and tripping hazards. The battery case is small and easy to hide. The lights are mounted on a thin flexible ...

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Battery Operated Led String Lights – Safety

How Safe Are They Really? Those super bright LED “fairy” lights are growing in popularity for people who want to decorate their home or yard with beautiful accent lighting. These are the string lights with the tiny “rice” size bulbs. You can buy these string lights with either an electrical plug or battery powered. The battery powered LED string lights are much safer to use in your home ...

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