LED String Lights – Battery VS Electrical

Which Should I Choose?

When purchasing LED String Lights you need to decide on whether to go with electrical or battery operated.

You have the choice of purchasing LED String Lights that are either electrical or battery powered. With electrical string lights you are provided with an AC Adapter for plugging the string lights into an electrical outlet. With battery operated string lights your get a battery box for holding AA batterie.

There are advantages and disadvantages to either type.


The advantages for electrical string lights are:

AC Adapter

AC Adapter

o there are no batteries to buy
o they can be left on continuously

The disadvantages for electrical string lights are:

o can be a potential electrical hazard
o tripping hazard
o not safe for smaller children
o restricted to location near an outlet
o not suitable for table centerpieces
o not suitable for outside door wreaths
o not suitable where electrical cords are unacceptable.

Battery Box

Battery Box

The advantages for battery powered string lights are:

o they offer extreme safety
o they are safe for a child’s room or the nursery
o there are no electrical output restrictions
o there are no need for extension cords
o they are energy efficient
o they can be placed just about anywhere
o they can be placed where an electrical cord is unacceptable.

The disadvantages for battery powered string lights are:

o need to replace batteries.


It appears that battery operated led string lights offer more advantages and less disadvantages than electrical versions.

It is easy to overcome the need to continue purchasing replacement batteries. Simply buy a battery charger and re-chargeable batteries from the start.  Therefore, we recommend the use of battery powered led string lights over electrical string lights.

LED string lights that are battery operated open up so many more opportunities to decorate your home or yard. There are no restrictions for placing or stringing your led lights since you’re not dependent on plugs or extension cords.

Best of all, battery operated string lights are so much safer overall . Use them anywhere without having to worry about someone tripping over cords or having to use extension cords, power strips, etc.


I need the freedom of battery operated LED string lights.

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