LED String Lights – Top 15 Decorating Ideas

The “fairy” LED light strings available today enable you to create a welcome and inviting setting to any room in your home or string them outside on your deck or patio to add a festive and relaxing ambiance. High portability of string lighting makes them top choice for everyday use and for Holiday decorating.
Here are the 15 most common uses of LED string lights for decorating with light inside and outside the home.Lighted Fireplace Mantel


o Fireplace mantels – drape them over your fireplace mantel
o Stair railings – wind them around stair banister
o Table centerpieces – place in floral, topiary and holiday arrangements
o Under cabinets – string them under your kitchen cabinets
o Curio cabinets – place inside your curio cabinets and hutches
o Dorm rooms – liven up that drab dorm room
o Fish tanks – immerse them right into the fish tank
o Doll houses – light up your doll house and bring it alive
o Christmas villages – for your Christmas village collection
o Bedroom headboards – drape them over bedroom headboards for romantic ambiance


o Christmas wreaths – weave them through your ornamental Christmas wreath
o Tent camping – illuminate your tent and camping area
o Patio umbrellas – weave them around your patio umbrellas
o Party tents – hang them around the tent opening
o Deck railings – wind them around deck and stair railings
o Patios – string them around your patio
o Gazebos – string them around your gazebo or pergola

Lighted Christmas Wreath

Lighted Christmas Wreath

Creating Magical

Decorating with LED string lights is so easy and inexpensive. You will be amazed how effortless it is to create beautiful accent lighting throughout your home.  These LED fairy lights are a very bright pure white (and warm white) that look amazing and can transform any location into something magical.

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