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Some Quick Wedding Industry Stats

Welcome another new year –  2017. The wedding industry is huge by definition of overall dollars spent by couples marrying; $51 billion dollars according to Bloomberg. Previous years have seen up to 2.2 million weddings* take place in the United States. Of those 2.2 million couples planning to marry, 26% have chosen to employ a professional wedding planner. This calculates out to 572,000 weddings that were planned and coordinated by professional wedding/event planners.  It is estimated that there are 40,000 planners (includes everything from the day-of-coordinator up to full-service planners) so there is lots of competition for the business.
*Source –
The Wedding Report

A minor but important responsibility of the many duties of a wedding planner is reception décor.  Employing accent lighting such as “fairy” LED light strings enable you to create a welcome and inviting setting to any wedding. High portability of string lighting makes them top choice for accent lighting and decorating.

Use either a warm golden light or a cool pure white light. The ones that run on batteries are LED string lightsso much more versatile than their electrical counterparts. With battery operated you can place them just about anywhere (even immerse them in water). They can be placed indoors or outdoors. Place them virtually anywhere to achieve tasteful accent lighting throughout the reception.

We’re talking about places like the:

o Bridal table
o Table centerpieces
o Gift table
o Cake table
o Buffet tables
o Ice sculptures
o Wedding Arch
o Outdoor event tents
o Reception hall.

They are super easy to work with; no electrical cords to deal with.

The lights are mounted on a thin flexible copper wire that doesn’t really show that much. So you can wind them around objects, weave them in plants or just stuff them in clear or colored glass containers.

They are inexpensive so that you will have endless opportunities to be really creative and tastefully decorate the event. Using them for accent lighting is so easy and inexpensive. Imagine a beautiful silk floral arrangements on the wedding tables – now imagine it with 30 LED fairy lights woven through it illuminating it with multiple dots of pure white (or warm white) light. Amazing!

Most important are their absolute safety. No worries placing them anywhere since they don’t produce any heat. The bulbs do not give off any heat whatsoever so they are safe even when placed behind fine lace or gauze type curtains or table clothes.  Plus you don’t need to be restricted by electrical outlets and dangling electrical cords.  Extraordinary results for such little effort and expense.

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