Wedding Trends For 2017 – Insights From Top Event Planners

Insights From Eight Top Event Planners

It is always fun to look ahead to anticipate what will happen in the coming year especially for weddings.  An insightful Vogue article written by Madeleine Luckel (January 22, 2017) give us what could be expected in the way of trends for 2017 weddings.

Eight top wedding planners were asked what their predictions are for 2017 trends. Not clear on the criteria for selecting these 8 companies; they do however have major significance in the marketplace.

Here are their predictions summarized and abbreviated for those of us with too little time to spare – in no particular order.

Bryan Rafanelli, Rafanelli Events Boston, MA
Emphasis will be on the wedding as a “celebration” and “large scale installation”.

Marcy Blum, Marcy Blum Associates New York, NY
More “vivid and high-tech lighting techniques” will be employed.

Bronson van Wyck, Van Wyck & Van Wyck New York, NY
Emphasis on the “reception afterwards is a party”.

David Stark, David Stark Design and Production Brooklyn, NY
Look for “after-party transformations” and “fully developed after-party themes”.

Alison Laesser-Keck and Bryan Keck, VLD Events Santa Barbara, CA
Less of the standard wedding venues with “locations that are more special and rare.”

Colin Cowie, Colin Cowie Weddings New York, NY
Not to replace abundant wedding flowers but offer up “ more greenery” with “ bright and beautiful leaves”.

Yifat Oren, Yifat Oren & Associates Sherman Oaks, CA
“Nighttime ceremonies” where “lighting and candles” for more impact.

Virginia Edelson, Bluebird Productions Aspen, CO
Emphasis on “ more color in every element of our weddings.”

Two of the eight planners mention lighting.
Marcy Blum predicts More “vivid and high-tech lighting techniques” will be employed.
And Yifat Oren says “Nighttime ceremonies” where “lighting and candles” for more impact.

LED string lights

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